Sunday, February 16, 2014

The team from Greystones has arrived in Delhi

We left Bray at 8am Friday morning..... It was 8am Sunday morning by the time we reassembled as a team in Delhi. A long 48 hours.
Our planned flight on Friday was cancelled so we had to reschedule.... For 5 of us, that meant flying to Istanbul on Friday, staying in a hotel overnight,  spending Saturday touring Istanbul, then leaving on Saturday evening on a flight to Delhi. For one lucky individual, the route was shorter and sweeter - there was just one seat left direct to Delhi on Friday, and it included a free upgrade to first class. Such a shame they didn't have 5 more seats!
So today was acclimatisation to India..... Snoozing till lunchtime, then a tuktuk across town to buy appropriate Indian style dress for the girls and ladies in our group. And then a team meeting, with all nine of us, followed by dinner in a New Delhi eatery.
We took time out for a live Skype conversation with Greystones Presbyterian church during their Sunday service, saying thanks to all who have supported this trip.
We are up early tomorrow morning to head to ASHA headquarters and then on to the slum for our first day of activities......

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